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Now that you have your daily skincare routine in place, know your skin type and the products that work for it, it’s time to take your routine to the next level by adding a booster, serum, mask or treatment to target the specific needs of your skin.

A booster, what is it?

Paula’s Choice Boosters contain, next to a mixture of active ingredients, a high concentration of a specific ingredient, for example hyaluronic acid, retinol or vitamin C. These star ingredients are also present in other Paula’s Choice products, but Scientific Research has proven that these higher concentrations provide better results for specific needs. Our BOOST collection consists of 8 boosters, each to target a particular need or problem, ranging from loss of hydration to clogged pore problems for example.

A mask, what is it?

A mask involves applying a layer of active products to your skin, helping to maintain warmth and hydration. Our masks contain ingredients to hydrate and regenerate the skin. We have different types of masks for different skin types. For example, charcoal masks are particularly suitable for oily to combination skin. Overnight masks are great for dry or dehydrated skin. The night being conducive to a targeted action on these types of skin.

A serum, what is it?

Our serums have been developed to complement day and night creams. They contain an effective blend of powerful antioxidants and other ingredients that help regenerate and renew the skin. Our serums have different textures to suit all skin types. For oily to combination skin, we recommend serums with light textures. For dry and sensitive skin, on the other hand, we recommend rich and soothing formulas.

A treatment, what is it?

Our treatments have been created to target specific needs. Adding a treatment to your routine helps you achieve desired results faster. We offer treatments against the signs of aging, against pimples and blackheads, against brown spots, against clogged pores, etc…

Beauty begins with truth

Our philosophy? Smart, Safe Beauty*. The skincare you use should deliver what it promises and be good for the skin, no exceptions. We have only one goal: to satisfy you with safe and effective care. Each of our formulas is the result of independent Scientific Research. We break down skincare and share all our knowledge with you – because maintaining healthy skin shouldn’t be a mystery.

Our products keep their promises and so that you can make your own experience, we have set up a 60-day money-back guarantee, if ever you are not satisfied with our products (excluding return costs).

We are here to help you

Do you have questions about our products or about setting up your skincare routine? Contact Consumer Services . Our experts will be happy to help you find the best products for your skin.


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