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The D-day is approaching and with it probably increases the concern about your bridal outfit and your accessories… It is indeed a tide of options that awaits you in the bridal dress accessories department  : veil, jewelry, shoes, gloves, headbands, bags… Rather princess or minimalist? Bohemian or BCBG? White or colored? How to harmonize the accessories between them? How to choose according to your wedding dress?

Don’t worry, we take stock of how to choose your wedding accessories according to your wedding dress  !

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What accessories with a princess wedding dress?

Worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales, the princess wedding dress is often synonymous with a grand and traditional ceremony. Also, the wedding accessories must be up to par, here are the ones to choose.

which wedding accessories for which wedding dress

Essential with a princess wedding dress, the tiara is the hair accessory to wear absolutely for D-Day  ! We opt for a model that is not too tall and for quality materials above all, in order to avoid the “little girl’s accessory” effect and to remain chic

Don’t forget to take it with you on the day of the hairstyle tests!

Short or mid-length, bridal gloves will enhance your princess dress and bring a lot of elegance and sophistication to it . We choose them plain, in the same shade as the dress, and preferably rather sober, to avoid doing too much with the embellishments of your dress.

A veil

A traditional bridal accessory if ever there was one, the veil will go very well with a princess-style dress . Whether you choose a classic veil model that is worn on the face, a mini veil-style version or a veil-effect headdress that falls on your shoulders, make sure that the fabric will go with that of your dress!

What bridal accessories with a bohemian or country dress?

Fluid, light and delicate, the bohemian wedding dress has been a must in wedding fashion in recent years. Whether you are more boho, bohemian chic or rustic, here are the accessories to have with your bohemian wedding dress .

The crown of flowers

Ideal for a country wedding, the crown of flowers will also be a very beautiful accessory for a bohemian-chic ceremony, especially if you bet on a crown with metal flowers or for a “flower inspiration” design.

If you prefer real flowers, know that the dried flower wedding crown is ultra-trendy , and will also give you a very beautiful memory of the most beautiful day of your life.

To wear on loose hair or a loose bun, according to your preferences and the neckline of your dress!

Shoes in natural colors

Much less strict than for a classic wedding, the bohemian wedding dress-code leaves room for more fantasies, especially in terms of the bride’s shoes, which are not necessarily white or ivory. You can therefore expand your options to beige, camel or even khaki shoes if you feel like it!

The bohemian theme will also delight the brides of the flat team since it is very easy to wear a beautiful pair of flat sandals with a bohemian or country wedding dress .

A lace or crochet shawl

Perfect for covering your shoulders in case of a cool breeze, the shawl is also a bridal accessory that will be a hit with a bohemian dress . Chosen in lace or crochet, depending on whether you are more bohemian-chic or country-style, it will perfectly complete your bridal look.

Did you choose a minimalist wedding dress, a bridal jumpsuit or even a wedding suit? Here are the accessories that will enhance your outfit and make you the most stylish bride.

Take advantage of the apparent simplicity of your dress to indulge yourself with a sophisticated hat: XXL capeline, boater hat with flowers and/or ribbons, refined fascinator… a wide range of hats is available to you on sites like Zalando for example , and you will be spoiled for choice!

The bridal hat is indeed an ultra-trendy accessory this year and comes in a plethora of shapes, styles and colors. Speaking of color, it’s up to you to opt for a colorful hat to dress up your minimalist wedding dress .

Romantic and elegant, the hair vine is a very beautiful bridal accessory. It will especially compliment romantic wedding dresses like a mermaid dress or a sheath dress.

If you wear a short wedding dress, a suit or even a petticoat, the hair vine will also suit you very well, as well as a bridal comb for example.


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