The 5 Best Hair Serums

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Choosing a product for hair treatment is often a delicate task in view of all the points to be considered and it is not the hair serum that will be an exception to this rule. The concept of value for money is not enough for the evaluation of cosmetic products.

The products in our comparison have received favorable opinions from many women and beauty houses. They are among the major references on the scalp serum market. If you do not yet have a clear opinion on the best choice of hair serum, they will have something to convince you.

Below, we present to you the best hair serums here :

1. Paul Mitchell Smoothing Hair Serum

This item effectively smoothes, conditions and seals hair fibers with its lightweight silicone. Its award-winning formula is perfect for speeding up your hair’s drying time. The result is silky, shiny and frizz-free hair.

  1. Keratin Smoothing Serum

This treatment for curly hair perfectly smoothes your hair in addition to disciplining it. Its effects are maintained for as long as for a standard straightener . It’s the perfect tool to control your hair when it’s prone to waves or fluffiness.

3. Belle Azul Morrocan Repairing and Protective Styling Serum

With its formula enriched with Argan oil, this product provides intense nutrition for your hair while protecting it from damage caused by heat. It eliminates frizz for perfectly silky curls. It is an effective repairer for hair with damaged ends and dry hair.

4. L’Oreal steampod serum

Its composition includes strengthening ceramides with a mixture of avocado, almond and apricot oil. This helps to protect and repair your hair, especially when it is often styled with blow-dry. This product also repairs and replenishes stressed tresses so that each strand becomes shiny, soft and healthy.

5. Simon & Tom Oshun Professional Repair Serum

Having multiple benefits, this article has been specifically developed for natural hair. The chemical treatment it carries out brings suppleness and shine to your hairstyle while preserving its lightness. It is also highly concentrated in organic argan oil.

What is a Hair Serum?

This is a silicone-based product that coats the surface of your capillarity. Unlike hair oil, it does not penetrate the cuticles and thus does not cause changes in the hair structure.

The hair serum is designed as a hair care solution that prevents your hairstyle from tangling while giving it softness and shine. It should effectively protect your hair from sun exposure and pollutants like dust and dirt with the thin layer of silicone it applies to it.

How to choose a hair serum

To begin the selection process, you must first determine the issues to be addressed. Next, you’ll probably need to consider your hair type, which should be understood in terms of texture itself, however, not length.r. Next, you should determine the marketed products that meet your needs.

There are two types of hair serums. One is used for styling, so it only affects the hairstyle, while the other moisturizes and nourishes the hair. In both cases, the application is fast and the result is instantaneous, since the serums do not need to be rinsed off.

The serum is in liquid form and each type is applied differently. If you use it in the hydration of your hairstyle, apply the product to damp hair, then set it as desired. If you use it for styling purposes, prefer dry hair instead. Thus, you can easily give a wavy effect to your hairstyle. This hair lotion will also add luminosity to your hair in addition to preventing you from split ends.


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