How to choose a serum for dry hair?

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To sum up, there are different types of hair serums in the market that you can use depending on your hair type, your preference and of course your budget. If you have fine, curly, wavy, brittle or damaged hair, there is always a product suitable for your hair. We advise you for a good quality hair serum if you care for your hair often, as it is designed to protect against heat damage. Finally, note that some products are specially adapted for curly and wavy hair, which adds a high shine while others allow more natural hairstyles.

How to apply a hair serum?

Apply a few drops of serum to your hair before washing it. This is an optional step. Indeed, some people find that adding serum to the ends of their hair before washing helps combat the frizz and drying caused by the chemicals in shampoos. To protect your hair while you wash it, use more serum in your hair than normal. Wash and rinse your hair as usual, especially be sure to rinse all the shampoo out of your hair.

Another way to use the serum requires you to apply it to wet hair. In this case, it is a good idea to use a moisturizing and conditioning shampoo that is suitable for dry hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, you can purchase a suitable shampoo and conditioner for curly and wavy hair. If you’re trying to create more natural curls, there are shampoos without cleaning agents that round out the cuticle and create frizz. If you plan to only apply the serum to your styled hair, you can skip this step.

Experts say it’s best to apply hair serum directly to wet hair:

Rub the serum between your palms to warm it up, then distribute evenly over the middle part and especially the ends of the hair.

Be careful not to use too much serum as it can make your hair greasy and heavy.

You can also use a spray on your hair before heat shaping it to keep your hair as vibrant as possible and use less serum.

If after a few hours or a day your hair serum leaves your hair greasy and heavy, consider looking for another hair serum. You may have chosen a serum that does not match your hair type. It is common with hair products that a first failure after trying a new product is needed before you get the best result.


We welcome feedback, so don’t hesitate if you have any questions or tips to share with the readers of this article. We hope it has helped you find the ideal dry hair serum for your hair!

Important : the information in this article is for information only and does not replace medical advice, please consult a doctor for any questions.


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