How to high light your engagement ring?

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Your marriage has stood the test of time! Yet your alliance has changed over the years. Reset or renew your engagement ringis a great and rewarding way to change things. Indeed, when it comes to something as important as your engagement ring, why be complacent? Why not have the alliance of your dreams? Whatever the reason for showcasing an engagement ring, here are the most important things you need to pay attention to:

Decide which items to upgrade

In order to improve your engagement ring, you must first decide which elements of your ring you want to modify. There are different elements of the engagement ring to consider, including its center stone, side stones, and setting. You may want to modify just one of these elements or buy an entirely new ring, tailored to your exact tastes. Reusing pieces of your ring is a great way to cut the cost of showcasing it.

Upgrade ring band

There could be many reasons to show off your engagement ring. You might want a different design, a more durable metal, a different size ring, or something else. Depending on the design of the new band, you may be able to keep your old setting and have it mounted on the new part. Still, in many cases this won’t be possible, and you’ll have to get a whole new ring.

It is common to get a new, more durable metal strap. For example, some people choose to go from gold to platinum. The latter is more expensive, but it wears out much slower. Additionally, platinum prong settings make it much less likely to lose your diamonds, as the prongs are much harder to bend or break than gold ones.

Upgrade Your Alliance Stones

Set your wedding ring stones to a larger diamond. This is one of the most common ways to enhance a ring. A larger center stone, such as a 2-carat or 3-carat center diamond, can give your ring greater value and a more dramatic appearance.

Reshape with new diamonds

Most of these options include keeping the original gemstones to modernize their sentimental value. These upgrade options also weave the addition of a new big diamond into the mix.

Create a halo

Halo engagement rings are extremely popular right now. Their traditional look also means they stand the test of time. Consider, therefore, adding a circle of diamonds around your current stone to maximize its value.

Opt for a mixed diamond shape

You can switch to a different diamond shape to show off your current ring. Diamonds are available in a wide range of cuts and shapes, from the classic brilliant round cut to fancy shapes. If you love your setting, but feel like it’s time for a change, consider switching to a differently shaped center stone.

Three stone ring

Added additional diamonds. Is your current ring solitaire? Switching to a halo, pavé, or sidestone setting is a great way to add sparkle to the ring without changing the center diamond.

Unused Alliance Coins: What to do with them?

When renovating your engagement ring, ask the jeweler if there are any metal parts left from the setting or broken stones. Some spare materials could be used in later repairs or even in making new jewelry. You can also sell these coins to jewelers who can reuse them.


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