How to have beautiful skin? Here are the best tips from dermatologists

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 I see it in people who regularly use fashion able skincare products, such as cleansing balms, comedogenic oils, and long-wearing foundations .” Instead, deep pore cleansing is recommended, to fight pollution, make-up formula slong duration, and exposure to screens. The blue light from our phones, computers, and other electromagnetic devices actually harms the skin by attacking the DNA structure. More research is still needed on this, but one thing is certain: the enemies of smooth skin are everywhere.

What products to bet on for clear skin?

The first step is to cleanse your skin – and clean it again. We therefore return to the J-beauty concept of “double cleansing”, to ensure that no pores have been forgotten. But beware, this technique requires a pure and non-comedogenic formula (without irritating substances). The ideal option: a pharmaceutical type product, approved by dermatologists, if you want to achieve a perfect complexion.

Lancôme – Galateis Gentle Cleansing Milk


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Avène – Extreme tolerance cleansing milk

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Cetaphil – Cleansing lotion sensitive skin


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Good options:

Lancôme Galatéis Gentle Cleansing Milk Avène Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Milk Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

This also goes for your moisturizer and sunscreen. Non-comedogenic formulas are the secret to ensuring that your skin gets all the benefits of the product and is protected from external aggressions – but without clogging pores.

Good options:

NARS Giorgio Armani Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Face Balm

Nars Cosmetics – Light Moisturizing Cream

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Giorgio Armani – Radiant Moisturizing Cream – Prima

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What are the best products to have smooth and clear skin?

To effectively smooth the skin and maximize cell turnover – for invisible pores and a luminous complexion – opt for products containing retinoids, azelaic acid, and niacinamide which promote natural exfoliation.


If you consult a dermatologist, Dr Bunting advises asking for 4% hydroquinone, combined with vitamin C (I-ascorbic acid) with Retin-A, to really boost cell turnover and unclog pores.

Su-Man , a Taiwanese specialist, adds: ” Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for the skin. It helps refine skin texture naturally. But beware, products containing vitamin C can also dry it out. Opt for those that combine it with vitamin E, vitamin A, or other antioxidants for better hydration .”

She also recommends investing in quality products containing hyaluronic acid: ” It’s an excellent moisturizer that repairs the skin barrier “.

Good options:

Elizabeth Arden – Retinol ceramide capsules night serum


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Elizabeth Arden Retinol Capsules These capsules are single-dose applications of retinol (vitamin A) that rid your skin of dead cells, clean pores, and clarify your complexion.

Clinic – Fresh Pressed

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Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C A small dose of this product clears pores and brightens your complexion for the day.


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