How much should you budget for an engagement ring?

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This is the most common question about engagement. We help you determine your personal budget for buying an engagement ring.

Considering the price as binding is not a good approach. We do not advise you on budget calculators and tables of dubious design, available on the Internet through paid advisers. However, a few criteria must be taken into account to determine the appropriate budget .

Do the emotional factors outweigh the price?

The price of an engagement ring is not the only important factor in the eyes of women. Emotional, social and traditional aspects play just as important a role as price. You will only be able to get an idea of ​​the value of the engagement ring by studying all of these aspects as a whole. Some of these factors are:

Your partner considers that the engagement ring is the most beautiful proof of love that you can offer him to show that you want to spend your life by his side.

Your partner will be happy to wear the ring all their life, and probably won’t own any other piece of jewelry with such positive emotional value .

 Your partner will want to show off their ring to their friends with pride .

Passing on your engagement ring to future generations is a beautiful tradition that we like to perpetuate.

The arguments mentioned above, which are more a matter of emotional values, prove how much high-quality rings adorned with a diamond are appreciated. Now let’s talk about the cost of the engagement ring.

Cost: determining your personal budget – monthly salary basic rule

The net monthly income is a useful reference in determining the budget allocated to the ring. We advise you to invest at least half of a net monthly salary. If you have spare cash, opt for a full month’s net pay for the engagement ring budget instead . Buying an engagement ring is first and foremost a once-in-a-lifetime romantic investment. You will quickly forget this one-time expense for the ring.

Income-dependent budget

We are often at the start of our career when we want to get involved. We believe that the price of the ring should correspond to your income . That’s why we recommend a budget of around one month’s salary.

Another info for all fans of American soaps: in France, few men exceed the value of 5,000 euros and more spent by Americans for their engagement ring. The French spend an average of 1,000 euros or less on the purchase of a ring for their partner.

Take it with humor, it only costs you 5 cents a day!

Many Americans believe that buying an engagement ring is supposed to irritate their wallet. We see things differently. Buying an engagement ring is nonetheless an investment that must be carefully considered.

Look at it like this: you have finally found the love of your life! Prove it to her by buying an engagement ring approaching 1,000 euros. Your partner will say “Yes!” and you’ll be swimming in happiness for the next 50 years!


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