Planning to Buy a Rolex Watch? Here are 8 Things to Check to Know If Your Rolex is Realor Fake

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Buying a Rolex watch is a significant investment. The name itself is associated with elegance and beauty in the watch industry. However, with all the reputation it has built for itself, many scammers are out there producing fake Rolex watches, and if you are not careful, you can be a victim. Even though the quality of Rolex is un match able with the fake one, a beginner, when not detailed enough, can be confused and lured to buy a fake one instead of the real one. Since Rolex is one of the most sought-after watches for men, you must ensure you purchase this ideal brand from an authorized, reputable vendor. Fortunately, there are tricks and tips you can incorporate to ensure you differentiate between a genuine Rolex and a Fake one.

Buy a Rolex Watch

Why You Need to Ensure You Purchase an Original Rolex Watch

It’s crucial to note that there are many advantages to purchasing Rolex watches. One is that they are regarded as the ultimate symbol of success and prestige. It is the most preferred watch for successful individuals in various fields. Furthermore, Rolex is considered among the most iconic and recognized models. Buying a fake model could degrade you and might lower your dignity as an individual. This is why you must ensure that you protect your investment and buy the original and fitting product.

Ways to Tell If Your Rolex is Real 

1. Check for Ticking Sound

The ticking sound is the first thing to check when buying a Rolex watch. You just need to place the Rolex watch on your ear and listen if you hear any ticking sound. If there is a ticking sound, automatically know it’s fake. It’s crucial always to remember that Rolex-manufactured watches are powered by automatic movement. The ticking indicates ordinary watches that are often powered with quartz movement. The automatic movement in an authentic Rolex watch is soundless despite having the 8 micro parts included in it.

2. Proceed To Check the Case Back

After verifying that your Rolex watch is soundless, you can check the case back. An authentic Rolex will feature a smooth metal case apart from the Rolex sea-dweller and other vintage Rolex watches manufactured in the ’30s. If you discover that the Rolex case is clear, you should know it’s a replica of Rolex. This is a red flag; you must look for another vendor to avoid losing money. Rolex believes in smooth polishing and refinement of the watch back case. In addition, they don’t use any see-through glass in the case back; instead, the watch will contain a stunningly smooth finish.

3. Check the Second Hand

You should note that Rolex never compromises on perfection and precision. That’s why you must check the second hand and ensure it indicates the second time zone. However, if the second hand behaves jerky, that’s a red flag that you are looking at a fake Rolex watch. The Rolex guarantees maximum inclusion of the mechanical parts in the watch, which helps ensure smooth rotation of the second hand.

The jerky movement of the second hand is an indication of quartz-based mechanical movement, which indicates that the watch is a fake one. Rolex never indulges in making quartz watches.

4. Poorly Crafted Crown Etching

Most of the counterfeit watches lack the craftsmanship that Rolex has. Since 2002 the Rolex has been including a small crown-etching at the 6 o’clock position. There is also the inclusion of the large crown-etching, which helps to create distinction and exclusiveness for the buyer. To check for the small etching, you might need to use a magnifying glass to spot it since it’s too tiny to spot.

5. Engraved Rolex Serial Number

Every Rolex watch will contain a Rolex serial number that is unique. Even though the replicas try to copy Rolex by placing a serial number, it’s hard for them to copy the way Rolex has engraved it. The serial number is often engraved precisely and ideally on a smooth, high-quality body. If the serial number is etched, it indicates that the Rolex watch is fake. Whether buying online or in a store, you should return the watch if it features an etched serial number as soon as possible.

6. Evaluate the Cyclops’ Quality

When checking the authenticity of your Rolex watch, you need to check the Cyclops, which has a polished and smooth quality. Most Rolex watches will include a date display and a little magnifying glass that helps enlarge the display by 2.5X. The little magnifying portion is the Cyclops, which is made from the highest quality material. If the Cyclops seems otherwise or has no presence, you are dealing with a fake Rolex.

7. Carefully Examine the Texts on the Face

Rolex believes in using high-quality products in its watches, including the text on the face. You should check the text, and if it appears bubbling, improperly spaced, or unsmooth text, you might be dealing with a replica of Rolex and not the original watch. Take your time to closely examine every part of the text to tell if it’s a real or fake Rolex watch.

8. The Weight of Rolex

One of the easiest ways to check the authenticity of a Rolex watch is to ensure you carry the original Rolex weighing it. An authentic Rolex watch tends to be heavy due to the precious metal it contains, which adds extra weight to the timepiece. A fake Rolex will be lightweight since it will lack some of the incredible features included in Rolex.

Ways to Avoid Fake Rolex 

1. Shady Location

If you contact a seller and they offer shady locations to test the Rolex watch, you must avoid the place and purchase it. A reputable seller will have a website and a physical store. Always buy from a certified Rolex Seller regarding purchasing a vintage.

2. Experienced Jeweler

Always contact an experienced jeweler to help inspect a watch before purchasing it. Most replica Rolex watches will look dazzling and almost like the original piece, which can be challenging to differentiate.

Final Words!

Before investing your money in buying a Rolex watch, check for the above signs to ensure it’s the original product and not a replica. Ensure you take your time to inspect the watch; if unsure, contact a reputable jeweler to help you.


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