Is a travel towel the perfect choice? If yes, why?

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Light in weight, instant drying quality material, best in use and utility etc. are the desired features to be expected from a travel towel manufacturing unit. The packing for any sort of outing or trip isn’t complete without a travel favouring towel. If the product is made of compact light material, then less space will be occupied in the packing bags. Moreover, lightweight clothes dry easily on their own and this would prevent you from the requirement of carrying a wet towel always with you. If in case, you are on your first trip the travel towel with The Summer Chaser is the best option that should get a place in your backpack. Where normal travels get smelly after one use as they do not dry quickly the travel towel with the summer chaser is completely efficient for the purpose. Being light in weight makes it the best option for any purpose.

travel towel the perfect choice

Not only travelling this towel may be your secret fitness friend during gymming sessions. The material used to make the same is antibacterial in nature and that is why the freshness of the towel remains intact for a longer duration of time. These types of towels go well with the limited space in your backpacks and the quick absorbent textile makes it easy to roll them and place them in the minimum space available.

Is a travel towel a necessity?

Nowadays with the advent of better materials and fabrics, these travel backpack towels have become trending. The reason for the same is their absorbed nature and quick dry material. The antibacterial textile used in the manufacturing process keeps it fresh and free from smell and dampness around the clock. The size of the towel is designed to keep all age groups and types of clients in consideration. Sometimes we find towels very small in size so they might be light in weight but do not fully satisfy the purpose of covering the body. The travel towel offered by the summer chaser can go up to 70” in size starting from as low as 20”. The material is made up of microfiber and a whole-sized towel can be enough for the whole trip.

Some basic facts that prove the worth it the product 

  • These can be used as the best for the purpose of camps or beaches or road trips as well as for regular home use.
  • These travel towels being made from microfibers are light and easy to clean.
  • No antibacterial activities or issue has been noticed as these are made from quick-drying materials and this prevents the same from getting any dampness or fungus or any sort of foul smell.
  • Easy home washing may clean the towels well and hence they do not require any extra care.
  • Most of these are made light in weight to assist the quick drawing nature.
  • These mainly can be formed out of micro fibres or Turkish cotton or linen or bamboo etc.
  • The smooth feel and material quality stand unmatched when compared to the competitors in the market.
  • Last but not least the manufacturers have excelled in the field of making beach travel towels that may even be best for the swimmers.


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