Discovering the beauty of Paros via yacht charter

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Part of the Cyclades island group, Paros captivates all visitors with its mesmerizing blend of quiet elegance, charming local life, and a vibrant capital, set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and exquisitely maintained historical sites. Offering the best of ancient Greek history, breathtaking natural beauty, and modern amenities, this Greek island, dating back to 3200 BC, promises a unique yacht charter experience. With its picturesque villages, spectacular sandy beaches, and rich cultural heritage, a Paros yacht charter provides a mix of all the cherished aspects of Greece. Here we share our three top reasons to discover this Cyclades island via a luxury yacht charter this season:

Historical Relevance

Paros is a true testament to Greece’s storied past. The island is known for its traditional Cycladic architecture and is dotted with historical marvels and quaint villages. The bayside capital, Parikia, is home to the Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a landmark building dating back to the 4th century, and an archaeological museum. A treasure trove for history enthusiasts, one can enjoy a quiet afternoon learning more about the island and its fascinating past. The Frankish Castle, or the Frangokastelo as it is known to the locals, is another of the island’s most memorable monuments. Built in the 1200s by the famous Venetian family Sanoudo on the site of an ancient acropolis on the hill of Agios Konstantinos, the castle is thought to have been built using stones from an assortment of historical sites around the island.

Further inland, just 11 kilometers southeast of Parikia, lies Lefkés, one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades islands. Nestled among olive groves and pine forests on top of a hill, this special village offers a glimpse into traditional Cycladic life and its past. Its whitewashed houses and panoramic Aegean views are a photographer’s paradise. 

Natural Beauty

Paros’ vast coastline, stretching over 120 km, is a magical showcase of nature’s artistry. Chryssi Akti, or Golden Beach, is a world-renowned windsurfing destination located in one of the most popular bays of Paros. Home to crystal clear waters and soft sands, it’s also great for sunbathing, as is the beach of Santa Maria, which is praised for its long stretch of pristine sand beach. However, one of the most famous beaches on the island remains Kolympithres, celebrated for its surreal, block granite formations. Located near the second largest village of Paros, Naoussa, the sparkling turquoise waters offset the unique rock formations effortlessly. For those searching for a serene and quiet yet beautiful respite, the Monastiri is the perfect solution. Located on a small rocky bay on the island’s northern side, it is best accessible by water. The ease of anchoring in secluded bays and the flexibility of a yacht charter mean you can enjoy these natural wonders at your own pace, often away from the crowds at beaches such as Marchello and Pounda.

Gastronomic Delights

It’s often said that Greek cuisine is a sensory journey, and Paros is no exception. The island’s gastronomic offerings are best experienced in local tavernas, especially in the charming fishing village of Naoussa. Fresh from the Aegean Sea and served in picturesque settings, local seafood is a culinary delight unlike any other. Dishes you must sample include gouna, sun-dried salted fish, salatouri, ray salad made with lemon and olive oil sauce, mackerel, and grilled octopus. 


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