What are the Features of a Customized Keychain?

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Earlier keychains were available in some common designs only but now they are available in dozens of personalised designs. There are certain features of customized keychains that make them different from regular and common ones. This blog discusses about the main features of custom-made keychains but before it, you must know about their benefits.

Customized Keychain


  • They ideally do brand promotion.
  • They are amazing decorative elements for wallets, purses, and bags.
  • They are good souvenir item.
  • They are an awesome collectible item for keychain collectors.
  • They keep your keys organized.


The following features of custom-made keychains will give you sufficient reasons to invest in them.


The primary feature of customized keychains is that they are available in thousands of designs. Additionally, they can be designed as per your choice. For example, if you want a flower-shaped keychain with your photo, or a car keychain that is shaped like your car model with VIN, you can easily get it designed by a personalised items store online like Etchcraft Emporium.


Secondly, you have the option to get your name, any special date, or quotation/message engraved or etched on the keychain’s surface. For example, you can get the unique identification number of your car laser-engraved on the stainless-steel surface of the car keychain. Likewise, you can add anything on the customized wooden keyrings.


Lastly, they are very high-quality items that last for years. They are designed with sturdy and everlasting materials like wood, stainless steel, and even clay. The best type of keychains are stainless steel ones because this particular metal does not corrode over time. They are instead very tensile and temperature resistant that means they can be used in water.


Nowadays, the car keychain is trending online and has high demand. This particular keychain is designed by famous personalised items store “Etchcraft Emporium”. It is created like a car and can be personalised as per your vehicle’s model. For example, if you have Kia Sonet car then it can be designed just like that. Additionally, anything like VIN, your name, or any date can be permanently engraved on it with laser engraver. It is one of the durable items because of stainless steel. The circular ring that holds the keys promises 100% safety. It has smooth round edges so it can easily be carried in your pockets. There is no risk of damage as it is 100% water proof.

This car keychain, also famous as number plate keychain is a great item for personal use and gifting. The brand kept the price as affordable as possible so you can acquire this practical yet stylish car accessory without any worries.


Now that you have known the importance as well as the features of a customized keychain, you should definitely invest in a one. The sturdy and statement car keychain is enjoying high demand in the market therefore you must check it out and place an order, if you like doing it.


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